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FreshCPA is a digital marketing agency specializing in Cost per Install, Cost per action and Cost per click campaigns. We develop and implement Internet marketing campaigns designed to get you the best results for your money. We offer an end-to-end marketing solution built with everything you need, wrapped in one delicious package.


Some Words About Us

The Company

FreshCPA was founded with the idea of revolutionizing the digital marketing industry with our tools and experience. The founders of FreshCPA have worked actively as both Publisher and Advertiser in the past. We believe this experience is what enables us to form such strong personal relationships with our publishers and advertisers alike. Rest assured, FreshCPA was not dreamed up in a garage and certainly not in a vacuum. To ensure this innovative network would be useable and serve the industry on day 1, FreshCPA was built with the knowledge and expertise of industry veterans.

The Freshcpa mindset

Each member of our team has a background in the digital marketing industry and understands the fundamentals that create success. We believe that any individual with the right motivational mindset and direction is capable of becoming successful online. Thats why we share our knowledge and teach those who are willing to listen. Since establishing FreshCPA, the industry has only become more competitive and in sense has made it harder for those to make a living online. We have dedicated ourselves to making sure that none of our affiliates will ever be left behind within this fast paced business and ensure that you will always perform above the rest and be on top with the absolute best with FreshCPA!


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Our Traffic Channels

The mobile landscape is ever-changing, and we make it our mission to continue evolving and remain at the forefront. Our goal is to generate mobile application installs with a performance-based, cost per install model. As mobile devices dominate the market, this medium will only continue to grow. Through our exclusive partnerships and traffic channels, we drive over 25,000 installs per day.
Why Choose Us?

FreshCPA is dedicated to protecting our Publishers and Advertisers. We utilize revolutionary tools to eliminate complaints, monitor all traffic quality and make you more money. Not only are we interested in providing top quality traffic, we strive to go beyond the competition and offer the most competitive payouts!


What we do for affiliates

freshcpa for publishers

  • Weekly Payment Options
  • Top Offers
  • Check or Wire Payments
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Real-time Stats

Just another network? I don't think so.

- It's Not Rocket Science. Time is money and yours is very valuable to us. We ensure you get top industry payouts.

Why work with us

- Because the founders at FreshCPA have a solid foundation in the publishers' seat, we know the challenges facing our partners. With firsthand experience of the competitive terrain, we provide the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in an ever-changing industry. We present only high-performing offers that are backed by market research, extensive testing and innovative technologies. FreshCPA aids online publishers in yielding the highest level of ROI by matching the right publishers with the right advertisers and the best creative. Our focus on optimized campaigns and visitor-friendly websites means our publishers spend less time worrying about the profitability of offers and more time earning higher commissions.

*As a leader in performance-based marketing, FreshCPA takes great care to ensure the quality of the publishers in our network. We take internet marketing compliance seriously and we have zero tolerance for fraudulent or illicit activity. To maintain this level of quality, we screen each and every publisher application rigorously.


What's in it for advertisers?

freshcpa for advertisers

  • Top Quality Traffic
  • Only Pay for Results
  • Dedicated Advertiser Support
  • Active Fraud Prevention
  • Precise Tracking

What We Do For Advertisers

– Optimize your operations. Meet demanding performance goals. Maximize compliance with our strict onboarding process. In short we guarantee actionable results. Reach targeted, qualified & lifetime customers while promoting your brand risk free. Market your products and services online through text, banner & display, email & Search Engine Marketing! FreshCPA manages a network of exclusive publishers eager to promote products and services.

Performance-Based Advertising

– As new media outlets emerge and expand, advertising solutions have evolved in order to provide businesses and advertisers with the most effective strategies. Performance-based advertising is an efficient form of advertising that provides advertisers with a cost-effective model: they only pay for measurable results.

Transparency - Nothing falls through the cracks

– You can have the utmost confidence your brand is being represented how you want it to be. We know how to analyze results, determine strengths and improve upon weaknesses. Best of all, we focus solely on your target audience, so there's no wasted efforts or dollars.

FreshCPA encourages advertisers to find out more about how our affiliate network can boost traffic and sales. Our high conversion cost per action driven network can help boost sales while limiting the cost you pay for advertising services. Sign up and we will be in touch with you.


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